Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st December

.... only 1 month of holiday left and I'm going back to school!! Okay okay, don't think about it, it's scary.

Hahahah. This morning, I was so happy that I can cry because I finally able to guess PeyShan's fb password! She went for prefect marching in the morning, she was using XinYi's phone to fb and they find out half of her password then later on I don't know how XinYi and Jovy are able to access to her account. I asked XinYi how many letters are there, so I just simply guess and I was totally shock when the homepage show up instead of a page that tell me I inserted an incorrect password. Lol Of course... I did some changes in her account again xD Well.. I gonna stop that now because my sister told me I shouldn't do childish stuff like this. I thought about it and yeah... "you should grow up now, ChiaLynn!!" hahah :)

I ♥ shopping! Went out with my mum and dad just now. My sister is too tired to go with us. Fyi, she just finish her exam today. Bought lots of items! Clothes including a cardigan, accessories and a eyeshadow. haha Spent a lot of money, thanks mum and dad! On the way home, went for supper at a kopitiam. I realised I never been to a kopitiam for a long.. long.. time! I really mean it, I can't even remember when was the last time I went. lol When I got home, I showed everything I bought to my sister and she was like "OH MY GODD!!" -.- She even post "OHMYGOODNESS I THINK YOU BOUGHT THE WHOLE STORE BACK" on my fb wall. What a cute sister I have x) but she is definitely not cute when she is in a bad mood ._. ehehe

Now here are random photos I took these days.

101127 Queensbay

 Breeks with mum and sis

 Ahaha! I dunno why I have the alien look. took it with the front camera of my phone so it's blur.
 In a golf shop, waiting for my dad.

♥ Lynn

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