Thursday, December 16, 2010


Went to school to buy my books for next year with my cousin today.
I realised... I DON'T MISS SCHOOL! I dun wanna go back to hell, pleaseeeeeee...
I still have a bundle of things I wanna do! Even though.. I'm not really sure.. what is that. -.- hee.
I just don't feel like going back okay. :p
Sweet 16 isnt so sweet ehh? It's a horrible and terrible year! T___T

Reached school kinda early. Not much people waiting there. That aunty who sells those books reached at 9 sharp when she is supposed to start selling on 9. Tsk tsk
By the way, they are selling at the room at the end of new block, close to the back door. I dint get all the books I need yet, still left 史记, that boring chinese history book @_@ Oh my...
She told me the books are still not here yet. Great! -.-

Anddd PMR results are coming out on the 23rd yo! Seriously, I'm not nervous at all. It's already over and it just decides whether u get to go for the stream or subjects you want. What's the big deal. I'm going to science stream anyway because our school decided not to base on our pmr result only but base on our results in school and pmr, both of them this year. I'm gonna change if I can't handle it next year. To me, getting good result is to avoid self-embarrassment. x) I'm not keh gao gao by the way. Just telling. Peace out! =D

♥ Lynn

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