Monday, December 20, 2010

Dot Dot Dot

Good morning readers! I wanna blog about something but there is nothing for me to blog about -_____- How lame is that?
Went to Prangin (my least fav place -.-) yesterday for dinner. At first, we planned to go to QB but the traffic there is totally crazayyy! From what I heard, it's because of that Jom heboh carnival in Queensbay. Grrr.. curse you jom heboh carnival!! Ha, I'm just kidding. Hee
Anyway, because of the traffic, we went to Prangin instead because my dear sister wanted to go. Hello? I'm wearing specs and I'm not dressed nicely, lots of friends are working there == Luckily, I dint meet any of my close friends but met some people I know. Whenever I saw them, all I did was look in the other direction. Lol
Totally bloated after eating. Shopped for awhile and found lots of camera necklaces in one of the shops there. All the camera necklaces are so pretty, nice, amazing, awesome, fantastic yo! Some are exactly the same as Tricia's! Ohmygawddd!! *faint Dint buy any of them :( It's 40 something each and my sister said we already have too much accessories T__T B T DOUBLE U, my birthday is coming. Friends, you know what I want now right? hahaha As if my friends will read this post that is full of words -.- 
No idea why I kept on sneezing yesterday, I felt like I'm sick. Grabbing a tissue around with me everywhere. Fyi, it looks weird and sickish. Went to bed at 10 last night! I successfully slept at 10 something!! Woots~ U might be thinking I'm crazy. haha But I'm not, I have been suffering from insomnia these days, unable to sleep even though I lie on the bed for a few hours doing nothing! 
Going to gurney later, peace out! Nahhh, not going to peace out now. This post should be really boring without pictures.
I don't think I posted theses pics before, so here!

 It's just a ring. A RIBBON RING! .__.

Gahhhh! I love this the most! Bought it from Forever 21 when I'm a shopaholic during this holiday.
Bought this because I'm inspired by Tricia Gosingtian!
I'm Tricia-ing everywhere, Tricia rocks! Lol
Most of my accessories are from Forever 21 ;) They are unique and the best!

Hey! I have something to blog after all. Lol
♥ Lynn

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