Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Funny. I'm NOT Nervous.

Seriously, I'm not.
Taking PMR results tomorrow yo!! ahahaha. I hope I get straight As, I just don't want to embarrass myself.
The main point is not to embarrass myself, everyone expects me to get straight As :O
If I dint get it, I'll just keep quiet, I definitely wont cry or do any stupid stuff. It's over and there's nothing I can do, no worries. Read the this paragraph of this post and you'll understand.
I know there are many of you out there are nervous to death. hee.
You guys are so cute. xD Relax...
I told my mum "Mum, I'm really not nervous at all."
Mum: "I know ar, I can see that."
Lol Good luck guys!
I wanna hang out after taking my results. My friends were like "See how's my results first... I'm so nervous, I'm so scared" I'm asking them out and they told me this -.-
There are even funnier one "Dun wan laa, I need to get rid of holiday mood now, heading back to school soon" Please don't remind me of school. Going back to school is even scarier than results T__T
Gahhh, I still have to wear uniform and tie up my hair neatly to school tomorrow. Crap.

Time for relaxing for you! Pictures of kpop idols is all you need. I just simply pick a few, there are whole lots of pictures in my computer. Maybe miss out some idols when I pick.
 YoonA again
 Tiffany again

 Yuri, Siwon, Heechul, YoonA
 2PM again
 Nichkhun. Hearts
 Dong Woon
 f(x) Victoria, Sulli, Krystal
 Ki Kwang
Ki Kwang

 Hyun Joong
 Hyun Joong
 Kim Bum
 SE7EN and Taeyang
 BigBang's Seungri
 Kim Bum
Kim Bum


Suju's KyuHyun
 F.T Island

♥ Lynn

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  1. hello love your pages and snsd girl's generation esp. soo young and i'm an elf love super junior so very much esp. ryeowook your blog rocks it just needs more more suju..