Thursday, December 23, 2010

HIGH HIGH I’m so high!

Woots! Straight As for my PMR yo! Am I awesome or what?! Hahaha Yea! That's right I'm showing off! -____- Just ignore me. Hee
Congratulation to those who got straight As!!! Chukahmanida! 
I feel really sorry for those who dint get what you want :( I'm sorry, I'm really bad at comforting people...
Friends, SARANGHAE!  

By the way, I'm the stupid one. Look at their fridge, they dint even pin it up. I'm the only one who did. wth! -.-
 Gahhh!! We got 8As!!
Me, WingKeh, PeyShan
 Pricillia aka ang kia! She's always that red!
8As too!!
 Me, WK, PS

 Showing off :p

 At home, before getting my results
 On the way to take my results
 Omo! WingKeh's crying! This is after she took a results.
She started crying even before taking her results -.-
Crying when she was walking into the school. Lol
 Pricillia! Hiao hiao
 WingKeh, myself, MinYi, KeYin
YeeShuang, myself, Pricillia
StraightAs too!

♥ Lynn