Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

Oh yeah!! Santa Claus is coming to town! Hee I'm a good girl and I want pressieeee :D
My friends who get good results for their PMR is going to get what they want. For example, a new phone, an expensive watch, a laptop etc. Lol
I realised I don't have anything I want... usually I already got everything I want from my parents. Well, Lumix LX5 is counted I guess, but I already bought it before I got my results. My parents are so nice, touched! I'm very grateful. ♥ I wont simply spend money and be a good kid :)

Vintage camera necklace!
Mum bought this for me! I wanted it so much!! and yeaa.. it's expensive :(
It looks just like Tricia's!

New phone casing! It's RED!

Gurney. Redbox. Movie. Shop. Tired+sleepy. Went home. Short enough ehh =)
Decided to countdown at home through webcam! :D
Pricillia, me and mum! YT

  Hiao hiao

Wing Keh, Phooi Fun
2 cute ang mo

My shoes. Hee

I'm looking at donghae on the screen. HEARTS!

SNSD run devil run

f(x) Sulli
Us without Pricillia.
She went out with her Pink Shirt Guy. Fyi, it's kevin, her boyfriend.
He wears pink everytime I see him, including today! Lol

I look like I'm dreaming away~
♥ Lynn

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