Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lumix LX5 or Canon S95

Erhem.. I want to buy a compact digital camera! hee. A current discussion topic in my family whether to buy or not to buy for me.
Mum, dad, you can buy it for me as a christmas present, birthday present or pmr 8As present or if no 8As, take that as a comforting present :D

The reason I need it.
Old digital camera
1. well, it's old and it is an old technology, new tech is definitely better. It don't have functions that new tech has and quality not that good now.
2. Old things dont function well, it has been acting weird these days. er.. considered as a broken camera? hehe. so.. what should we do when we have a broken camera? Buy a new one! Lol
3. btw, the old camera is not stylish anymore... err.. is this counted as a point? hee.
4. It has a small memory. If you ask to buy a bigger memory card, the camera cant support it.

1. DSLR is BIG and HEAVY you know. Sometimes, it's inconvenient to bring it out in some places. (This is a very good point)
2. Sometimes, sister and I need to use it at the same time. So, cut it to half? -.-
3. anddd sometimes, the DSLR doesn't match the way I dresses and I can't hang it on my shoulder or neck since it doesn't match.
4. I don't get to bring it out in places with lots of people because it's big and places with lots of people are considered as dangerous.-_______-

So... what do I need now? A compact digital camera! yea, that's right! Lol
Lazy to post any link here. Go google it! And compare them!
Mum and dad, i know you guys will read this. hee
I gonna stop using "hee". Learn that from my sister -.- hee
Actually, should I buy it or not? :/

Lumix LX5

Canon S95

*Updates (101208)
Yesterday Kuan Ting gave me some advice on it. She thinks LX5 is better and I like it too because it has the DSLR quality, but of course more expensive but then when comparing image quality, I would prefer S95 but when it comes to features, functions and videos, LX5 wins. She even gave me advice on whether buy or not to buy and also compact cameras that are cheaper and good. Lol
Old grandma ehh. haha She just bought Nikon P100 yesterday, asked me to consider about Nikon. The thing I dun like about Nikon compact cameras is they aren't that compact -.- They are huge for a compact camera!
Canon G12 is great too.

btw, I would go for LX3 if they are still selling out there but they aren't now -____-

♥ Lynn

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