Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lumix LX5!

AHAHAHAHAH! My dad bought for me yesterday!! :D Thanks dad!
I'm alone at home. taking photo with IMA BEAR (it's name, it's my sister present from her friend long time ago.)
Since I'm alone at home... who is going to take for me?!!
eheheh... so I decided to go crazy with the self-timer. run here run there. *Set timer- run to the spot- pose!* Lmao!
I heart the 1:1 aspect ratio xD

The first 2 photos are taken by the old digital camera. See the difference? ;)

LUMIX LX5 shoot!
Set as dynamic art colour mode xD
The colour mode is awesome!! I can go retro with that too and there are others of course.

 What are you looking at?!

 Oops... my head!

 Thanks to my model, IMA BEAR
 My breakfast this morning, tuna sandwich. :)

 Water. Duh!

On the way home. The car lights turn into light drawing! Lol 

Trying out the camera in the shop

♥ Lynn


  1. hi! i've been google-ing lx5 and found your blog. i'm deciding wether to get the lx5 or canon g12. i see that you got the lx5, congrats! anyway, your blog is so cute, i like it! im following you now. :)

    I Am DollParts