Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Went to Queensbay for pedicure with my mum and cousin, Vern Ching.
I went for pedicure and my cousin for manicure in the Blaze. Meanwhile, my mum went to shop.
It took one and a half hour, long time isn't it? Luckily there's a tv and my phone with me.
So many colours that I cant even decide. I was thinking either pink, maroon or blue.
I text my sister and she said blue since it's special. So yeah.. blue! Haha
My cousin requested for designs and they are prettyyyyy! No photos for her hands yet.
RM45 for my pedicure. It's very nice and quite reasonable. Feel pity for the girl who needs to give me a leg care below the knee besides my nails. haha xD
Manage to take a few pics with my phone



  Done~ blue nails xD 


 There, the address.
 There is a mistake on the resit. Look at the time, 7.50am! Lol
I went there in the afternoon -.-

Later, went to The face Shop to buy a maroon colour nail polish for my fingers.
Visited my cardboard HyunJoong in the shop. Haha I should take a photo with 'him'. Lol
Nail color-RD303
My long and skinny fingers :D

 My cousin's left hand
right hand. Oops, miss out the thumb

J.CO Donuts

random photos I took few days ago.

♥ Lynn

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