Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hello readers.
Woke up at 6 just to take a bath today, there's no water later till 7pm.
Then, sit down in front of the computer and start blogging and editing header for my blog.
I was not in penang last sunday, went back to visit my grandma. Got kinda bored, I even took photos of this.
That would be good if u can read chinese, read the title. Our school is a small school, not like those big school like PCGHS or CLHS, got a bigger page. We only got one small corner on dunno what paper, forgot which paper it is -.-
Okayyy, look at the pictures! There's NO me. Lol All 4 of them are my friends, they went there early. I went there sort of late, the results were already out when I reached school.
I think the interviewer is a girl, she did ask me to take a photo or something with peyshan them but that time our results paper is with the assistant headmistress, we have to get it from her right away. Miss out the chance.
Psshhh... I deserves an interview because I would have say awesome stuff, not the usual stuff xp Lol
Usually these are what people say:
-I'm nervous.
-I dreamt I got 5As/6As/7As last night and I was scared.
-My parents promised me they will take me to 'a place' if I get straight A.
-My parents promised me they will buy a new handphone or laptop for me.
My mum asked me why u want to be interviewed? -.- Well, it's because if it was me, it would be different. ;) hahaha I can say something that can make them faint :p like I'm always confident, whenever someone in class, in lecture or whatever ask who is confident that she can get straight As, I'm the only one who always raise a hand immediately. (See.. it's different right? Lol Confident is the key to success =D & Perasan is the key to failure -.-)
So.. I would get embarrassing if I dint get straight As, luckily I did. hee.
My friends are actually the one who reminded me of this thingy. They were like teasing me with this when I got my results, so what, I got straight what :p 
Okay.. enough of this.

Now, the most amazing header! :D Took a long time to edit them to polaroid and placing them. This is a picture of 2010 memories! Only pick a few =( cant fit some in. Anyway, these are part of my life. xoxo

♥ Lynn

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