Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Be Specific

Now I'm running 3 blogs.
So I'm here to explain the use of each blog and to make myself & you clear. LOL

This blog
It's for writing my everyday life and some kpop stuff. This is the MAIN BLOG. By the way, royalynex? Lol I made this blog when I was 12 kay -.- It would be weirder and weirder for me as I grow older so I'm gonna change my blog link soon or later and definitely will inform you guys.
Entertainment booth is for entertainment. Most of the posts are related to kpop. The main owner of this blog is my sister, I don't blog there much :/ Pictures are usually uploaded there.
Here goes my tumblr! xD I post random and awesome stuff on tumblr. haha 

To make it easier, I put a blog list on the side bar so it's easier to see my updates just by viewing this blog.
And yeaa, I add my sister's blog to the list too. I'm such a nice sister. x)

♥ Lynn

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