Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tricia Gosingtian

I said I'm going to blog about her, so here it is! Tricia Gosingtian!
She is my sister's idol and now she is mine too. =D She is the reason I went crazy shopping these days. Lol
Pretty and stylish right? Love the way she dresses. She is even prettier than some celebrities.
A short introduction. She is a 22 years old Filipino-Chinese who is a photographer,model,stylist,blogger and a lookbook star! Also an official brand ambassador for Forever 21! (One of my favourite brands =D)
Check out her websites! to know more about her!
Facebook Fanpage
Food Blog


what a nice wig!
ID: White by *slumberdoll on deviantART

I print screen this on her tumblr. 
SOME of her shoes! Amazingggg!
My sister loves her shoes the most. Heart her Lookbook. :)
All credits to Tricia Gosingtian

♥ Lynn

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