Friday, January 28, 2011


Jewelry's comeback with their new members, Semi and Yewon.
A year ago Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young left for solo careers and so Jewelry is now back with 2 new members but I prefer the old Jewelry which reminds me of their hit song "One More Time", released 2 or 3 years ago.
New Jewelry's new song is.. er.. I don't like it ._. I don't like their new concept and style too. I'm trying to support them but... sorry =P
I don't like it but maybe you will :)

Today's Music Bank

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


First of all, I forgot to mention that we have a new bus stand at our school's back door, it's actually a rebuild one, have to demolish first then rebuild... get it? So we dun have a shelter last week but totally worth it, because the new one is so niceeee. Lol fyi, it was done on Monday. Extended seat, extended shelter, extended area, it's a brand new bus stand! -___- Lol I'm like exaggerating over a bus stand which seems odd -.- Going to try to take a picture of it asap :p

There was a talk about aids and HIV in school just now. and OMG, they are people from all different country! Egypt, HongKong, America and south Africa. Yeaaa,I like foreigner with strong features!! Lmao They have the looks that malaysians and chinese don't have, get what I mean? I like their accent too!! Eekkkk. :DD hahaha
The HongKong guy don't look special to me, he's just like an ordinary Chinese and duh he's a Chinese of course, he's from hongkong you know. Lol
That Egyptian guy looks gorgeous even in bold hairstyle. LMAO He's tall and I think he should go for modeling or be an artist or something but sadly he doesn't look good on fb, er... I found his fb -.- btw, he looks better now which is in bold. Some of my friends said he looks like Taylor Lautner, I'm not a fan of Taylor, plus I personally think that he looks better than Mr Lautner =p Lol but his fb sort of ruined his good looking image-___- Lol he looks better in person. He was wearing skinny jeans just now and looks good in it. wowww. hahaha.
and the girl from South Africa I think, she totally fulfill the terms to be a model. Fair skin, tall and slim body. Lol Prettayy. btw, her name is really hard to pronounce, no idea how to spell it either.
The girl from America too, an African American if I'm not mistaken. She's not that tall but she's pretty and has a hot body. LOLL Sorry, I'm a little crazy today. I just got excited to see foreigners xD haha. Just to let you know, I'm not a pervert and definitely not abnormal nor weird. Who wouldn't be excited to see good looking foreigners? :p
Re-update: Okayy.. one my friends said that one of the girls is from Kazakhstan and another one is from Aussie. er... actually I have no idea ._. some told me this, some told me that. The only thing I can confirmed is that egyptian guy. Hahaha!

Oh yeah.. almost forgot. Happy birthday Kim JaeJoong!!! :DD Saengil Chuka Hamnida!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wanna update a lot of things in the past few days but I'm just too busy =(
and I forgot what I wanted to update now -.-
So I go with a random post.

Seriously, I need a new pencil case. A new and nice one but I cant find a nice one -___-
Lol. Phaik Zhen was like keep asking me to take a photo of her from the moment I walked into her class. haha she's the one with the peace sign.

Ahaha. Look at them. lol ._.
Teacher punished all of us to stand because we were too noisy.
She was writing on the board the moment I took this photo.
Some of us sat down when she was not looking. Lol

First Avenue
Bought this! :D Mine and sis.


Aww.. I like this~ Lx5 rocks. haha

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seungri is BACK!

VVIP and What Can I Do MV are release! :D Seungri~~

Spot Seungri version of BigBang at 0:34? Ahahaha!!

Check out Seungri's comeback stage at M!Countdown too! and also HoMin! Awesomeeee. Congratulation HoMin for wining on M!Countdown :DDD

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twitter is a book?

Twitter is not a social network but a book? Funny.
Hahaha I got a book in school today. It's a bm exercise book and it's called TWITTER! =O LOL

 Twitter is now...

 a BOOK!! Hahaha
 Eh? A book?? O.o
 *Look at it* Yea, I guess so... ._.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I ♥ Marble Chocolate Cookies!

♥♥♥♥ Delicious~~ hahaha

Ahhhh. Jinwoon is just so cuteeee!! And sweet too! ♥♥♥
G.NA is just so lucky, Doojoon last time and now Jinwoon! Wowww. :DD

Japanese seems odd again. Lol

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Updates on Kpop again

SNSD releases Visual Dream for Intel song!

BEG Japanese Ver Sign PV

TVXQ releases How Can I MV. It's actually more like a slide.

-Big Bang to release new album on February 24th :D first comeback stage at their own ‘2011 BIG SHOW‘ concerts on February 25th through 27th.
-TVXQ to appear on this week’s M! Countdown. What a big surprise! =O

Uploaded Dream High photos and a video on Entertainment booth

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

110115 Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 29 (Chinese Sub)

Since it's the last episode of them, I'll post it here :(
I cried when watching them T_T How sad
but at least they are still a real couple in real life :D
I hope the new WGM couple is WooYoung and IU!! LOL Best couple in Dream High.
I hope Taecyeon wont be match up with EunJung in Dream High... haha

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just feel like blogging.

- Busy school days
- Sick of tuition
- and definitely sick of a whole stack of tuition's and school's homework
- Form 4 is tough year, I'm frustrated and depressed
- My fingernails on my left hand are super short now. =( My pj teacher (one of the discipline teacher) clipped my nails off even though they are already short. My nails look ugly without the shape and uncomfortable now =( Almost everyone nails were too long in her opinion =/
- Form 4 subjects are difficult, I'm having a hard time T_T I should appreciate my life back then. It's so much easier.
- Regret for not working hard during the holiday.
- I did some reading and trying to understand all the subjects these few days. *Proud =) Lol 
- I dint spend a lot of time on the computer unless it's necessary.
- Kpop is still on my mind, never ditch kpop.
- Totally in love with WooYoung speaking English in Dream High, he should speaks english instead of korean. haha and heart the IU and WooYoung scene :)
- Of course, I'm still watching drama and tv series I wanna watch every week but I do my revisions too :p
- I'm happy to hear that JoKwon and GaIn are actually really dating. :D 
- Addicted to HoMin keep Your Head Down!
- Oh crap, I'm still doing my homework now -.- Cant type more, back to homework.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Form 4 life is so depressing. All the subjects make me go utterly crazy!! Tuitions! Lots of lots of tuitions... so tired T_____T
I can make a whole long complain here but I wont, it would be boring.
Kpop is something to cheer me up :) and...
I wanna share this! AHAHA This fan is crazy! 2PM reactions are hilarious too. LOL
It's a must watch! ROLF

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

TVXQ/HoMin Comeback! =D

I cant update anytime I want during schooling days =(
I have tuition, home work and revision to do.
I can just check for kpop news for awhile then off my computer and post them when I'm free. Sorry for late updates.

DAUM- YoonA Yuri Sunny

YoonA is so prettyyyyyyy

I realised I dint post the MV. I love TVXQ aka HoMin more than JYJ. SM forever!
I love both, is just that I prefer HoMin :)

110107 HoMin Music Bank ComeBack Stage - WHY(Keep your head down)

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some Kpop Updates

We're back to busy schooling days now and I don't have much time to blog about kpop too.
So here are some.

2010 allkpop Awards winners!

These are base on our voted :D
Okay, I thought SNSD would have won the female artist but 2NE1 won instead -____-
So I was expecting SNSD Oh! to be song of the year but SHINee's Lucifer won, that's okay. I love lucifer too!! But SNSD ends up with no award and that's kinda sad =(

TVXQ releases “Keep Your Head Down” album.

official comeback performance on December 7th at Music Bank.

Dream High
Now airing. 2 episodes were released =D
Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, IU, EunJeong etc. HyunJoong as cameo. OMG!!

♥ Lynn

How's life? Sort of bad.

04 Jan
- We have a teacher who has a unique accent. Lol I can imitate her voice. haha She's nice but sometimes 180 degrees changes into Miss Fierce ._. Overall, she's nice. :)
- I had the most lame pj lesson in my life
- Went home by bus. Crowded describe it -.- Not even a single seat for me, had to stand kinda long until I get a seat. I was tired carrying my books while standing on a shaky bus, so I learn a little bit of balancing -.- reached my grandma house really lateeee. Ishh... Wasted a lot of time.

05 Jan
I have to skip something and not talking bad stuff about someone here.
- Our class is just too noisy, monitor decided to change our seat and she is given permission earlier to do that. She was trying to rearrange it on a paper first. Of course, argue with her for a good seat from the very moment she started arranging. I dont wanna sit at the side or back row or front row, front row is not possible for me. I kept on pointing the seat I want and gave her a bunch of reason why I need that seat but she just wouldn't want to write my name in that space! I'll just talk everywhere I go, no use changing you know == I dun get it why other people told her where they wanna sit and she gave them the seat they chose immediately. Seriously, this is so unfair. I was like persuading her to give me the seat I want for hours but?I even promised I wont talk but still? 
Gosh, there's no conclusion in the end. She'll arrange it at home and let us know tomorrow. Hope I get a good seat...

♥ Lynn

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Of School

It's quite an ordinary day.
I realised I dint remove my toe nails colour in the morning, rushed to take my nail polish remover and start removing! Lol
Prefect said that my nails are long but I cut my nails last week ._. Nails do grow you know -.-
First lesson, Chinese! Puan Lee!!! Hahaha We were happy to see her. To keep it short, I totally rock myself out during the lesson! haha and uh-oh, we need to start reading chinese newspaper to present a news and memorising ming ju again ._. which I dint do well in both last year and end up with awkward punishment. I'm so trying my best this year. Hee
Lessons go on... there's a teacher who speaks really soft, I have difficulty in listening what she says exactly. Need to concentrate myself so hard to listen and making my brain super tired -.-
The WORST thing is, I'm incharge of dusting and wiping that stupid big blackboard and windows!! Ishh.. the girl who arrange all this said that I'm tall so I have to! Grrrr... I should have give her an evil look -__- but I just requested for WingKeh to incharge of blackboard and windows with me. haha =p Someone always said that I'm short and yeah, if I'm short why I'm incharge of this! T__T It's dusty and dirty and I hate it!!
So far, don't have any weird lesson yet. I was so sleepy today, cant get used to the time. I slept at 12/1/2/3 during the holiday and woke up at 10/11/12/1 and now have to sleep early and wake early.
Already got homework today =(
I miss keyin a lot, I was wondering what she was doing in her new school and thinking whether she's fine in class today. Text each other after she came back from school and luckily Zhe Lin, a friend of ours is in the same school, same class and sitting beside her in school. At least she have someone she knows there.
Hope that our schooling days get better and better. xoxo

♥ Lynn

Sunday, January 2, 2011

110102 Last Day Of Our School Holiday

Not celebrating with my birthday with friends this year, told them I don't have the mood.
Only with my family.
Met Phaik Zhen twice in Queensbay.
Got to rush for this post, need to prepare everything for school tomorrow.
Have to sleep early too.
So I'll just upload the photos.

Station One

Lol. Barbie thingy was going on in QB
I was actually going for the Häagen-Dazs Fonduebut but it was unavailable at the moment =(

Myself and sister!

Waited for a long time, so I was like taking random photos


 Seventh Heaven :D

and order an extra chocolate fondue =D

 This describe 2011.
I wrote this and show it to wingkeh since we are not allow to talk in class strictly. Lol
Hee, This is cute!

Goodnight people! Good luck in school tomorrow if you are going back to school too!
and yay! Pn. Lee, our last year class teacher who likes to ask us to memorise ming ju or else we'll be given copying ming ju with chinese calligraphy for 100 times as punishment. She's teaching us chinese this year. I realised she's good and I miss her so much. I like her more than my current class teacher ._. Shhhh... but I still hate chinese subject because I suck at it -.- Okay, bye!

♥ Lynn