Saturday, January 1, 2011

101231 Last Day Of 2010

 The last day of 2010. I went out with KeYin. Only 2 of us, all our friends cant go out or not free or lazy to go. tsk tsk, so badddd.
♥ Ke Yin. Gonna miss her a lot.
Went home sort of early, she have to take care of her little sister because her parents weren't at home.
I went to grandma hosue to have steamboat, only for while.
At night till midnight, watch MBC Gayo Daejun on live.
 It was raining =(

 The last picture before leaving Gurney.

 I met CHIA YEE!!!
She could not recognise me until I text her. haha

 Look at Kevin and his PINK camera for Pricillia. -.-
No more pink shirt guy, he said he transform from pink shirt guy to blue shirt guy.

 Pink camera casing
 PINK camera ==
 Her expression is funny
 YT on the phone

Reading a very long text from minyi

♥ Lynn

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