Sunday, January 2, 2011

110102 Last Day Of Our School Holiday

Not celebrating with my birthday with friends this year, told them I don't have the mood.
Only with my family.
Met Phaik Zhen twice in Queensbay.
Got to rush for this post, need to prepare everything for school tomorrow.
Have to sleep early too.
So I'll just upload the photos.

Station One

Lol. Barbie thingy was going on in QB
I was actually going for the Häagen-Dazs Fonduebut but it was unavailable at the moment =(

Myself and sister!

Waited for a long time, so I was like taking random photos


 Seventh Heaven :D

and order an extra chocolate fondue =D

 This describe 2011.
I wrote this and show it to wingkeh since we are not allow to talk in class strictly. Lol
Hee, This is cute!

Goodnight people! Good luck in school tomorrow if you are going back to school too!
and yay! Pn. Lee, our last year class teacher who likes to ask us to memorise ming ju or else we'll be given copying ming ju with chinese calligraphy for 100 times as punishment. She's teaching us chinese this year. I realised she's good and I miss her so much. I like her more than my current class teacher ._. Shhhh... but I still hate chinese subject because I suck at it -.- Okay, bye!

♥ Lynn

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