Wednesday, January 26, 2011


First of all, I forgot to mention that we have a new bus stand at our school's back door, it's actually a rebuild one, have to demolish first then rebuild... get it? So we dun have a shelter last week but totally worth it, because the new one is so niceeee. Lol fyi, it was done on Monday. Extended seat, extended shelter, extended area, it's a brand new bus stand! -___- Lol I'm like exaggerating over a bus stand which seems odd -.- Going to try to take a picture of it asap :p

There was a talk about aids and HIV in school just now. and OMG, they are people from all different country! Egypt, HongKong, America and south Africa. Yeaaa,I like foreigner with strong features!! Lmao They have the looks that malaysians and chinese don't have, get what I mean? I like their accent too!! Eekkkk. :DD hahaha
The HongKong guy don't look special to me, he's just like an ordinary Chinese and duh he's a Chinese of course, he's from hongkong you know. Lol
That Egyptian guy looks gorgeous even in bold hairstyle. LMAO He's tall and I think he should go for modeling or be an artist or something but sadly he doesn't look good on fb, er... I found his fb -.- btw, he looks better now which is in bold. Some of my friends said he looks like Taylor Lautner, I'm not a fan of Taylor, plus I personally think that he looks better than Mr Lautner =p Lol but his fb sort of ruined his good looking image-___- Lol he looks better in person. He was wearing skinny jeans just now and looks good in it. wowww. hahaha.
and the girl from South Africa I think, she totally fulfill the terms to be a model. Fair skin, tall and slim body. Lol Prettayy. btw, her name is really hard to pronounce, no idea how to spell it either.
The girl from America too, an African American if I'm not mistaken. She's not that tall but she's pretty and has a hot body. LOLL Sorry, I'm a little crazy today. I just got excited to see foreigners xD haha. Just to let you know, I'm not a pervert and definitely not abnormal nor weird. Who wouldn't be excited to see good looking foreigners? :p
Re-update: Okayy.. one my friends said that one of the girls is from Kazakhstan and another one is from Aussie. er... actually I have no idea ._. some told me this, some told me that. The only thing I can confirmed is that egyptian guy. Hahaha!

Oh yeah.. almost forgot. Happy birthday Kim JaeJoong!!! :DD Saengil Chuka Hamnida!

♥ Lynn

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