Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Of School

It's quite an ordinary day.
I realised I dint remove my toe nails colour in the morning, rushed to take my nail polish remover and start removing! Lol
Prefect said that my nails are long but I cut my nails last week ._. Nails do grow you know -.-
First lesson, Chinese! Puan Lee!!! Hahaha We were happy to see her. To keep it short, I totally rock myself out during the lesson! haha and uh-oh, we need to start reading chinese newspaper to present a news and memorising ming ju again ._. which I dint do well in both last year and end up with awkward punishment. I'm so trying my best this year. Hee
Lessons go on... there's a teacher who speaks really soft, I have difficulty in listening what she says exactly. Need to concentrate myself so hard to listen and making my brain super tired -.-
The WORST thing is, I'm incharge of dusting and wiping that stupid big blackboard and windows!! Ishh.. the girl who arrange all this said that I'm tall so I have to! Grrrr... I should have give her an evil look -__- but I just requested for WingKeh to incharge of blackboard and windows with me. haha =p Someone always said that I'm short and yeah, if I'm short why I'm incharge of this! T__T It's dusty and dirty and I hate it!!
So far, don't have any weird lesson yet. I was so sleepy today, cant get used to the time. I slept at 12/1/2/3 during the holiday and woke up at 10/11/12/1 and now have to sleep early and wake early.
Already got homework today =(
I miss keyin a lot, I was wondering what she was doing in her new school and thinking whether she's fine in class today. Text each other after she came back from school and luckily Zhe Lin, a friend of ours is in the same school, same class and sitting beside her in school. At least she have someone she knows there.
Hope that our schooling days get better and better. xoxo

♥ Lynn

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