Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How's life? Sort of bad.

04 Jan
- We have a teacher who has a unique accent. Lol I can imitate her voice. haha She's nice but sometimes 180 degrees changes into Miss Fierce ._. Overall, she's nice. :)
- I had the most lame pj lesson in my life
- Went home by bus. Crowded describe it -.- Not even a single seat for me, had to stand kinda long until I get a seat. I was tired carrying my books while standing on a shaky bus, so I learn a little bit of balancing -.- reached my grandma house really lateeee. Ishh... Wasted a lot of time.

05 Jan
I have to skip something and not talking bad stuff about someone here.
- Our class is just too noisy, monitor decided to change our seat and she is given permission earlier to do that. She was trying to rearrange it on a paper first. Of course, argue with her for a good seat from the very moment she started arranging. I dont wanna sit at the side or back row or front row, front row is not possible for me. I kept on pointing the seat I want and gave her a bunch of reason why I need that seat but she just wouldn't want to write my name in that space! I'll just talk everywhere I go, no use changing you know == I dun get it why other people told her where they wanna sit and she gave them the seat they chose immediately. Seriously, this is so unfair. I was like persuading her to give me the seat I want for hours but?I even promised I wont talk but still? 
Gosh, there's no conclusion in the end. She'll arrange it at home and let us know tomorrow. Hope I get a good seat...

♥ Lynn

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