Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011. The year of miserable.

Ke Yin, my best friend of all time! transferring to Chung Ling Private! Ishhh.. that sucks! I cant see her in school now. Down. Maybe not even in tuition, she's taking art and I'm taking science.
I still can meet her because her house is close to mine but my free time is all taken up by tuition. =(
Worse still, she is not the one who told me about it. Patrick is the one who told me on fb and I was totally shock, text her and she dint reply, call her and no answer.
Later, she called back, she was sleeping that time. She said she dare not tell us about it. T_____T Then the story continues..... bla bla bla. no changes in the end.I'm the 3rd to know about this and not the first! =(

Went to school today. Found out who is our class teacher. He/she is scary and crazy. I cant say he/she is a him or her. He/she even told us that not to say bad things behind him/her. Oh my... I cant say much because this is scaryyy.
When they are choosing AJK class, my heart was pounding like hell. I have been treasurer for the past few years but this year... no way! I'm not getting close to our class teacher. It's so hard to push away this job. We are like arguing in class (long story). Prcillia takes this job in the end and she turn and look at me "Lian Chia Lynn, I'll remember you forever" haha of course she have to remember me forever, I'm such a great friend =p

I hate 2011. peace out!

♥ Lynn

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  1. Omg, I feel so sorry for you!!
    Last year my best friend moved to Hong Kong (and since I live in Belgium that's pretty far -_-')
    We still heve contact but it just isn't the same ^^
    You should stay friends even tough you'r not in the same school! Stick to her like glue on a paper (or something like that, you get what I mean :D)
    If you'r doing horrible now, just think that something that starts bad allways ends in a good way ^^ (thats not really true but it is what I want to believe anyway ^^)
    x Isa