Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's my birthday! I'm 16!! =D

January 2nd!! Woots! My birthday! I'm officially 16. =D
You better wish me happy birthday, my best friend is Lord Voldemort -____-
1 year older, I have to grow up now -.- no more Voldemort talk. Lol
I have a lot of birthday wishes... I'm not too greedy, am I?
Back to school tomorrow and going for tuition in the morning =( How sad.
Have to go to bed now so that I wont fall asleep in class. =)

Happy birthday CL! Lol Wishing myself in public is awkward -.-
Oh, and thank you my friends for the all the wishes.♥ Imagine I say it out in a dramatically way or the way a princess speaks .____. Ewww.... haha
Goodnight peeps!

♥ Lynn

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