Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just feel like blogging.

- Busy school days
- Sick of tuition
- and definitely sick of a whole stack of tuition's and school's homework
- Form 4 is tough year, I'm frustrated and depressed
- My fingernails on my left hand are super short now. =( My pj teacher (one of the discipline teacher) clipped my nails off even though they are already short. My nails look ugly without the shape and uncomfortable now =( Almost everyone nails were too long in her opinion =/
- Form 4 subjects are difficult, I'm having a hard time T_T I should appreciate my life back then. It's so much easier.
- Regret for not working hard during the holiday.
- I did some reading and trying to understand all the subjects these few days. *Proud =) Lol 
- I dint spend a lot of time on the computer unless it's necessary.
- Kpop is still on my mind, never ditch kpop.
- Totally in love with WooYoung speaking English in Dream High, he should speaks english instead of korean. haha and heart the IU and WooYoung scene :)
- Of course, I'm still watching drama and tv series I wanna watch every week but I do my revisions too :p
- I'm happy to hear that JoKwon and GaIn are actually really dating. :D 
- Addicted to HoMin keep Your Head Down!
- Oh crap, I'm still doing my homework now -.- Cant type more, back to homework.

♥ Lynn

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  1. all the best for everything,hwaiting! ;)