Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wanna update a lot of things in the past few days but I'm just too busy =(
and I forgot what I wanted to update now -.-
So I go with a random post.

Seriously, I need a new pencil case. A new and nice one but I cant find a nice one -___-
Lol. Phaik Zhen was like keep asking me to take a photo of her from the moment I walked into her class. haha she's the one with the peace sign.

Ahaha. Look at them. lol ._.
Teacher punished all of us to stand because we were too noisy.
She was writing on the board the moment I took this photo.
Some of us sat down when she was not looking. Lol

First Avenue
Bought this! :D Mine and sis.


Aww.. I like this~ Lx5 rocks. haha

♥ Lynn

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