Monday, February 28, 2011


Watched Big Bang’s 1-hour special last night. 11 to 12.
Live stream at first and face time to watch in the end. Thanks Cle! =D
The Secret Garden parody is seriously daebakkk! Hilariously awesomeeee, GD! so cuteeeee. Top looks so good in black hair. hahaha we were going crazy while watching this!!!
Currently downloading the whole big bang show =D wouldn't get bored even if you watched a thousands times. haha
By the way, I'm sick =( fever and soar throat, aint serious though. Gonna take a nap later. =(

Tonight MV (TV ver) was through at the end of Big Bang Show. My sister and I was like Omg omg omg!! So yenggg!!! LOL

Big Bang Secret Garden parody

♥ Lynn

Saturday, February 26, 2011

110215 Traders Japanese Buffet

Ta-da. Finally, I have time to upload the photos. haha
It's actually the same as my sister's post.
Last Tuesday, went to Traders to meet dad who was working and had buffet dinner with him.
My favourite: DESSERTS!! Omo, especially the cheesecake. I'm drooling!
If my tummy wasn't bloated that day, I would have eaten more. Lol
Looking at those pictures of food makes me drool again -.-
Love taking photos of yummy delicious foodddddd. hahaha

Vain-ing in the car.... ._.
Unnie! =D


The process

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lmao. We have been waiting for so long and now... Only the teaser! -.-
YG, please release the full mv asap. VIPs have been waiting for a long time... -____-
btw, #bigbangisback is trending on twitter.
After 2 years & 3 months, Big Bang's comeback is gonna be huge! =D

♥ Lynn

110215 Ky's house and 110218 Tuition

KeYin's house.
Ah, miss her so much.

Reading a long mandarin text or something =O

 Myself and KeYin

 QiQi, she's so cute.

 Playing with Ipad. haha


 See the deer on the left? Someone once thought it's a real deer -___-

This thingy is so cute! and it would be comfy for barbie. lol

This tuition supplies sweets!! =D ahaha Each row got a whole jar of sweets. All you can eat. Lmao
Gonna stop eating those sweets or else I'll end up with tooth decay =X
Mentos are added last week. ahaha
Mentos. Lol

♥ Lynn