Tuesday, February 1, 2011

110131 Gurney

Awkward & bad things happened today -.-
I cant find my wallet in the morning. So, I just grabbed some money and put it in my bag's pocket. I found it after I came back, it's in my tuition bag. Well, it's actually my mum who found it. Why is it doing there anyway? ==
No wallet = No student card and that sucks.
My hair cant go the way I wanted. Down. =(
and I dropped my phone on the floor =O My phone is still good as new but as for my red phone casing... one of its side is broken -.-

KeYin and I went together and we went for Secret Recipe.
Pricillia came to give me a belated birthday present, how nice of her. Of course, Kevin was with her.
Pricillia's so pretty in her black dress and Kevin's hair is so short, looks mature in this hair, Pricillia likes his new hair more, but I think his old hairstyle is better because it's more Korean-ish. hahah =pp
and... someone got his own Canon 550D liao lor, li hai liao lo hor.
Met Doreen and Steph, they are so much prettier now =D
Watched Homecoming, ain't bad, it's hilarious!
KeYin, MinYi and I met a pervert kid in Parkson fitting room. That kid looks like 5 or 6. Luckily we aren't trying any clothes, that kid was like trying to get into our room through the hole under the door. Kept on shouting "Open the door" "I wanna come in" "Let me go in" and disturbing us for really long. We couldn't stand it in the end so we open the door and let him go in then we walked out of the fitting room. That kid was following us, ishhh -.- he stopped following and shouted like a crazy kid when we were on the escalator, maybe he don't know how to take an escalator so he stopped? Who cares? I wonder where is his parents, will he become a "lost kid" =P Lol. Just kidding.
I will leave the rest to photos. =)

 I took photos of this and that but I forgot about the food! -.-

 KeYin and Sarah

Myself =D

 Showing my teeth while smiling for the very first time.
Fake-ish? -.-
Hair is messy by the way.

 Pin-hole colour mode. haha Lx5 rocks again.
but my fringe covered one of my eyes -.-

KeYin, I and MinYi

Look at this kid =O You might thought his kinda cute at first but he's just so annoying when he yells and shouts.

kiddo! -.-

Flavour Twist with fries on top.

 Peh Khim
I look stupid here. Lol

 Thanks Pric for the present! =D

 Broken phone casing. Mum, dad I know you'll read this soon or later -__-
I don't need a new one. I'll use my other casing.

♥ Lynn

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