Wednesday, February 23, 2011

110215 Ky's house and 110218 Tuition

KeYin's house.
Ah, miss her so much.

Reading a long mandarin text or something =O

 Myself and KeYin

 QiQi, she's so cute.

 Playing with Ipad. haha


 See the deer on the left? Someone once thought it's a real deer -___-

This thingy is so cute! and it would be comfy for barbie. lol

This tuition supplies sweets!! =D ahaha Each row got a whole jar of sweets. All you can eat. Lmao
Gonna stop eating those sweets or else I'll end up with tooth decay =X
Mentos are added last week. ahaha
Mentos. Lol

♥ Lynn

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