Monday, February 28, 2011


Watched Big Bang’s 1-hour special last night. 11 to 12.
Live stream at first and face time to watch in the end. Thanks Cle! =D
The Secret Garden parody is seriously daebakkk! Hilariously awesomeeee, GD! so cuteeeee. Top looks so good in black hair. hahaha we were going crazy while watching this!!!
Currently downloading the whole big bang show =D wouldn't get bored even if you watched a thousands times. haha
By the way, I'm sick =( fever and soar throat, aint serious though. Gonna take a nap later. =(

Tonight MV (TV ver) was through at the end of Big Bang Show. My sister and I was like Omg omg omg!! So yenggg!!! LOL

Big Bang Secret Garden parody

♥ Lynn

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