Sunday, February 13, 2011

=D Kpop and stuff

Super Junior-M, would be making their comeback with 2 new members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin on February 14. =D Teaser photos had been revealed!



SPRIS CF (SooHyun & EunJung)

♥♥♥ Like! SooHyun is actually not that bad ;) EunJung too :D well, she's my favourite member in T-ara but Dream High makes me dislike her a bit. Lol Is actually I like Eunjung but I dislike BaekHee but now I feel sorry for BaekHee. Okay, whatever.
But I prefer Crazy4s by 2PM for SPRIS CF last year. So hawt. *Faint. Don't believe me then search for yourself but remember not to faint. haha

Yayyyyy!!! More camera necklaces!
Ain't cheap =( but thanks mum. haha
2 more are added to my collections =)
Got them from Forever 21.
♥ Tricia Gosingtian.

Mum's friends came to visit yesterday and bring her kid along.
The last time I see him was last year. So he's 4 yrs old now. We are not on very good terms -.- Lol
Anyway, he's attracted to Ipod 4. Fyi, he has an Ipad! Wow. Kids nowadays are so lucky.
As I was saying, he had fun playing with Ipod 4, wouldn't let go of it when my sister wanted it back to do something just for awhile. hahaha Now, let's see his expression.
His sour face when my sister took away the Ipod 4 to do something. Lol
Couldn't get his eyes off it. @_@

♥ Lynn

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