Sunday, March 27, 2011

CN Blue 'First Step'

I dint officially write about CN Blue latest album. So here it is :)
♥♥♥ so hwatttt, their songs are amazing! Everything is shooo yengg!
Jung Yong Hwa new lens make his eyes look super hugeeee! =O especially when he stare straight into the camera =D *faint
Look at this, Jung Yong Hwa composed most of the songs and wrote some of the lyrics too. Is he awesome or what =D
Track List
1. 직감 – Intuition
Lyrics: Han Seong Ho
Composer: SEI, KOZI

2. 상상 – Imagine
Lyrics: Han Seong Ho, Jung Yonghwa
Composer: Kim Jaeyang, Han Seung Hoon

3. 사랑은비를타고 – Love Comes With the Rain
Lyrics: Han Seung Ho
Composer: Lee Junghyun, Han Seung Ho

Lyrics: Han Seung Ho
Composer: Jung Yonghwa, Han Seung Ho

Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa
Composer: Jung Yonghwa, Han Seung Hoon

Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa, Han Seong Ho
Composer: Jung Yonghwa, Han Seung Hoon

7. LIE
Lyrics: Kim Jaeyang
Composer: Lee Jonghyun, Kim Jaeyang

Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa
Composer: Jung Yonghwa, OWL

Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa, Han Seong Ho
Composer: Jung Yonghwa, Han Seung Hoon

CN BLUE Comback Stage at Music Bank

CN BLUE Comback Stage at Music Core

Pics Spam!

 Please don't go go go~
♥ Lynn

110326 Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 39 (Chinese Sub)

♥ Lynn

Friday, March 25, 2011

First Monthly Test is OVER

A thousand apologies for not updating for weeks.
First monthly test is finally overrrrrr. Not really satisfied :( It's over anyway, don't wanna mention about it. Sigh. I found out most of the people in my class are really selfish. Also found out who are my true friends and who aren't.

Got lots of shows I missed out in the past few weeks to watch. Currently wacthing Strong Heart :DD
Ah, CN BLUE comeback!! So hawtt!

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kpop Kpop Kpop!

Okay okay, trying to be fast here then gonna hit the books :)

The guitars that GD smash every time on 'Tonight' stage are new and cost 150USD each! =O Crazy eh? But they will no longer be smashing guitar in favor of changing up their routine. Phew. However, GD is so hot even when he's smashing guitars! haha GD you rock!!

CN BLUE Second Teaser for "First Step"
Can't wait, few more days to go :D

K.will 'My heart beating' MV with IU & Mblaq Joon
They are so cuteeee

Wheesung 'Heart Aching Story' feat. B2ST’s Junhyung

Kim Tae Woo feat. J.Y.Park & Bi Rain 'Brothers & Me' MV

TVXQ 'Before You Go' MV

♥ Lynn

Monday, March 7, 2011

Now Let's See...

Kpop! So many things are going on now. I dun have time to update anytime I want, I have to study for my monthly test. Wont be updating my blog that often. =( But always updating myself with kpop =D haha

Got super high again while watching BigBang's comeback stage on Inkigayo yesterday, they performed 3 songs! and of course, they won!
My GD and Seungri are tremendously awesomeee ♥♥♥♥ Well, all of them are!

Here's an extra. "Tonight" performance practice.

CN BLUE First Comeback Teaser is OUT!
Finallyyy, they are coming back! Will be back on the 21st, cant wait. =D
They are getting so much hotter!
Minhyuk's cute image is replaced with hotness! ♥
JongHyun looks great too.
The only problem is JungShin's hair -.- but I still like him =D haha

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

=( =)

Sore throat please go away, I know I'm attractive but I don't like you. ahaha Just kdding.
I feel bloated and wanna puke with water and only water in my tummy. -.-
Porridge for lunch, not that bad.
I like to take medicine when I'm sick =) and vitamins everyday. haha but I dun like those traditional medicine, herbal medicine or whatever that has a bitter taste. I mean, who likes them?
I found this Vitamin C unique. Hahaha This vitamin is different from the others vitamin I took. So I took a series of photos of it. lol

Medicine for fever and sore throat.
Bye bye fever, but sore throat is still here =(
The bad thing about sore throat is you cant study when you have to clear ur throat and drink water almost every second. Zzz
I read out when I'm doing my revision. I used to think that everyone does the same thing. lol
But last year, I found out that actually most of the ppl do not read out -.-

Bye bye Dream High
Finished the last episode just now =( 
Omggg, so down laa wey. 
Isn't the ending I wanted! =(
but I still ♥ Dream High!
I had a bet with Zhi Hui -.- I bet that Suzy(Hyemi) will end up with Taec(JinGook) and she bets that Suzy will end up with Soohyun(Samdoong) I lost! We dun bet with money kay, we bet with YG magazine instead. LOLL

Spoilers alert
Hyemi chose Samdong =(
K is Samdong =(
Pilsook is fat in 2018 but Jason still loves her. How sweet.
Jingook is so hawt in 2018. I know he's always hot, this isnt a spoiler or anything, I just feel like saying he's hot now. Lol

Dream High's pictures! Posting some, including a few from dream high concert.

 Dream high~

♥ Lynn