Tuesday, March 1, 2011

=( =)

Sore throat please go away, I know I'm attractive but I don't like you. ahaha Just kdding.
I feel bloated and wanna puke with water and only water in my tummy. -.-
Porridge for lunch, not that bad.
I like to take medicine when I'm sick =) and vitamins everyday. haha but I dun like those traditional medicine, herbal medicine or whatever that has a bitter taste. I mean, who likes them?
I found this Vitamin C unique. Hahaha This vitamin is different from the others vitamin I took. So I took a series of photos of it. lol

Medicine for fever and sore throat.
Bye bye fever, but sore throat is still here =(
The bad thing about sore throat is you cant study when you have to clear ur throat and drink water almost every second. Zzz
I read out when I'm doing my revision. I used to think that everyone does the same thing. lol
But last year, I found out that actually most of the ppl do not read out -.-

Bye bye Dream High
Finished the last episode just now =( 
Omggg, so down laa wey. 
Isn't the ending I wanted! =(
but I still ♥ Dream High!
I had a bet with Zhi Hui -.- I bet that Suzy(Hyemi) will end up with Taec(JinGook) and she bets that Suzy will end up with Soohyun(Samdoong) I lost! We dun bet with money kay, we bet with YG magazine instead. LOLL

Spoilers alert
Hyemi chose Samdong =(
K is Samdong =(
Pilsook is fat in 2018 but Jason still loves her. How sweet.
Jingook is so hawt in 2018. I know he's always hot, this isnt a spoiler or anything, I just feel like saying he's hot now. Lol

Dream High's pictures! Posting some, including a few from dream high concert.

 Dream high~

♥ Lynn

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