Monday, March 7, 2011

Now Let's See...

Kpop! So many things are going on now. I dun have time to update anytime I want, I have to study for my monthly test. Wont be updating my blog that often. =( But always updating myself with kpop =D haha

Got super high again while watching BigBang's comeback stage on Inkigayo yesterday, they performed 3 songs! and of course, they won!
My GD and Seungri are tremendously awesomeee ♥♥♥♥ Well, all of them are!

Here's an extra. "Tonight" performance practice.

CN BLUE First Comeback Teaser is OUT!
Finallyyy, they are coming back! Will be back on the 21st, cant wait. =D
They are getting so much hotter!
Minhyuk's cute image is replaced with hotness! ♥
JongHyun looks great too.
The only problem is JungShin's hair -.- but I still like him =D haha

♥ Lynn

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