Sunday, April 3, 2011

=D Kpop

U-KISS releases fifth mini album, “Bran New KISS” few days ago and I love their title track- 0330

Eli!! My all time favourite ♥

Dram Version

Today's Inkigayo

Brave Brothers reveals teaser for new girl group, ‘Brave Girls’
Brave Girls comprised of 5 members Eun Young (leader), Seo Ah, Yejin, Yoojin, and Hyeran.
The first thing that pop into my mind while watching the teaser was 4minute + 2NE1. Netizens have the same thought too and some felt that they are copying the same concept. Can't really judge them yet, it's just a teaser, have to wait for the release of their debut single on April 7th .
A few of them are kinda pretty based on their photos but photos do trick people sometimes. Lol

That 21 members group, A-Peace makes me worry about them.
Their height are all over 185cm which is wow.
But with so many of them, it's hard for everyone of them to stand out.
and it's too crowded for them to perform on a stage together.
Plus, they have to divide their total income by 21 =O each of them wont earn much
Look at this. Lol

♥ Lynn

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