Thursday, April 14, 2011


BigBang! Love Song MV!! ♥♥♥ GD is so sexayyy :D
From their special edition album, now we know that GD is so stupid in love and he hates this love song xD lmao
I hate this love song~ ♥
Awesome song, awesome lyrics, awesome voices, they are just too awesome.

110410 BigBang Inkigayo Comback Stage

So tired these few days =( I need more sleep. Zzz Mid year exam is coming in like.. a month! =O *faint
It feels like I have just finished my first monthly test, I need more rest laa wey -.-
ah, I did quite good in my first monthly test =D oh yeahh but still lost to peyshan, she got first place in the form.. again -___- there's no way I'll win over peyshan until I improve my chinese. Sigh.

Here's a recommended drama
Can You Hear my Heart
It's really nice! trust me. I really love the kids and can't wait to see Kim JaeWon =D

Barbeque at Harmony View 5th floor. Thank you KarWei, KuanTing, SooChiew, ChiaYi for preparing everything when we are playing and fooling around ._. and taking lots of photos. lol
We had lots of fun :D
 KeYin and WingKeh
   Retards -.-
  KeYin and I
 Chubby KeYin
 WingKeh and PeyShan
 Jovy's bday cake

 Inn Joe and PehKhim







♥ Lynn

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  1. whoa, long update is long.

    Though I must say I had to rescrew my jaw back in after looking at all the food.