Monday, June 6, 2011

110605 Drama Competition

I don't know why I end up going there. Lol
Some drama really quite boring. Feel like sleeping there but I dint of course. But but.. I noticed that Pric accidentally fell asleep for minutes. LOL
Dint get a good seat this year. Sitting at the side =( Lots of big heads blocking my camera view -.- Should have sat at the top.
Not gonna upload those drama pics. Lazy to pick which photos to upload, plus everyone is actually sort of err.. weird when they are acting. haha

 YT!! Omg! lmao
This is an exception, this is a must upload :p
Long hair + skirt? ._.

 Pric in PINK shirt

Adele :)

Photos of WingKeh and PehKhim going crazy LOL

 PehKhim's beautiful eyes


 PehKhim's braids so niceeee!

♥ Lynn

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