Monday, June 20, 2011


Addicted to it! ♥
I love their hot pink outfits. I prefer everyone wearing outfit with the same colour, it seems nicer. :D
Inkigayo is my fav so far. I want krystal's leg so badly! and her body too. haha
They are really hot hot hot hot!


Muaic Bank

Music Core


Went to USM last Saturday for that Olympic mathematics competition thingy.
Waited outside for about an hour before going in.
While waiting, PeyShan and I dance to f(x) hot summer in public. Lmao kicking our legs. lalala :p
We were freezing inside, 2 and a half hours -.-
I only took pictures like that -____-

Speaking of PeyShan.
Readers.Vote this for her, that Anchor Idol Online Voting thingy.
Even if you don't know me or her, please help her.
Just like the page then like her video. Just a few clicks wont kill you right.
Please and thank you. xx
btw, I have no idea how to embed this video -.- just the url.
Anyway please help out. Thank you!

♥ Lynn

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