Friday, August 26, 2011


Finally I finished the drama! I would have finished it earlier :( all blames to exam. Touchinggg. :') Im touched by everything Yonghwa aka LeeShin did in the drama ♥
The OST is so goodddd. Yonghwaaaaaa♥♥♥
Because I Miss You and the comfort song are my fav :') best ballads songs. and You've Fallen For Me. Yonghwa is so talented, he has such sweet and beautiful voice. Love the lyrics. All the beautiful songs, touch. Too bad the comfort song is not release as the official sound track :( they should record this song!  Other songs are great too :)

Yonghwa dint get a chance in the drama You're Beautiful and now the YongShin couple reunite :D Honestly, I prefer Yongshin than Yongseo :p
Yonghwa and Seohyun are always so.. awkward -.-
Heart Yonghwaaaaa :DD ♥♥♥ sweet guy 

Neon naege banhaesseo ;)


 awww... so cute

♥ Lynn

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