Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Im being so lazy to updateee -_____- I miss typing this -_____- Lol
Anyway, exam is finally over. Wheeeee but finals is coming soon. NOOOOOO! @_@
A reminder to myself, read the whole question before answering!! Goshh, I cant believe I lost so many marks just because of all the careless mistakes I made D:
Gonna work hard for finals and no more pabo mistakes!

Watching Heartstrings at the moment :D Yonghwaaaaa.
and now for pic spams

yesss, that's right. Krystal and Lee DongHyun won Kiss and Cry.
Krystal, the best figure skater among the stars.Kim Yuna is still the best. haha

Krystal is amazing

The dating couple. Lee Minho and Park MinYoung. Hot trending topic :D
You just gotta love them, I mean how can you not? ;D Everyone loves themmm. Except for those people who dream of marrying Minho or MinYoung. haha

and lastly. Peaceee out! Mr Simple B)

♥ Lynn

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