Monday, September 12, 2011

110910 Kpop Talent Contest Finals

Had fun that day. Till now I still dont know what's the champion group name ._. lol
Second place is fresh beat and third is dawn arch. I don't really like dawn arch, Progression would have at least win a prize, I like them. but oh well, maybe they need to put in a girl group just to be fair I guess =/ dawn arch are the best among the girl groups. To me, dawn arch is more like a manly kind girl group ._. can u imagine girls dancing to suju's Don't Don. haha I really like fresh beat imitating Big Bang, they are like the same =D daebak.

Oh, and us, Fusion danced to Goodbye baby, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Come Back You Bad Person. The outcome of 3 short afternoon of training is not that bad, I never expect too much, some other groups are like profession, totally jjanggg. Had a great experience :D thank you JieXhia ;D and and RUFFNECKZ! :D hahahaha 1 thing I regret is.. I forgot to pose with them! :P Look at Kiro! haha I should have posed with him. regret regret regret. Tsk

Credits to LiangLiang, YunXuan and Sam, and my sister, ChiaYi for the photos.
and YeeShuang for taking our video.
and sister for taking the rest of these videos and uploading all these video. lol







 Other participants
This is something Junior, I forgot. lol

Progression :D



Jovy's solo

dawn arch ._. strong ladies.

  The Pixies
Pricillia, Eunice and their friends




Fresh Beat Rockers
aka Big Bang ._. haha


Credits to YongFei :)
 Jxhia ;)
and the 4 of us ;)

♥ Lynn

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