Monday, September 5, 2011

Fusion :D

Join this kpop competition with JieXhia, MinYi and YeeLiang.
Group name- Fusion. We danced to 3 songs, Goodbye baby, Chu and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Im kinda lazy to blog now. hahahah so Im gonna make this fast. Hee

Practice for only 4 days. Quite tiring though. Practice then tuition here and there, rushing everywhere.

 Liang Liang. Look at her Converse. It's new, it's so red and white.
Mine is kinda dirty ._.

  Hardworking :D and a little vain sometimes :D

 Jxhia with her sohai glasses :D
 bruise :(

Photos of our performance
credits to all those photographers.
 Wild Jxhia! haha I love to see her dance! She's the one with POWER.
Yenggg. Daebak

 Liang Liang

 Phooi Fun

 Peyshan is going to kill me when she sees this? maybe not? I mean she's so cute right? ._.
 with wingkeh
 First time seeing Gaik Theng with a cute face. lol

 We were actually sitting on the floor and I was sitting on my bag. hahaha

 Dexian, the "snow white"

Announcing the results.
We get into the finals :D
Lots of my friends joined and some of them entered finals as well.


Watched The Smurfs yesterday. Sho cuteeeee.
Have been speaking smurfs language after that. haha
I smurf you!

♥ Lynn

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