Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesss. I received my pottermore email yesterday :DD
and guess what. The sorting hat sorted me into Ravenclaw!  
They asked you questions before you get sorted :D weird and random questions ._. it's not like you can cheat to get into the house you wanted. I answered every questions honestly to get sorted into the right house. lol
I personally prefer Gryffindor or Slytherin. But Ravenclaw is not bad either! wit, intelligence, creativity, and wisdom.
Thank god it's not Hufflepuff, Huffle seems kinda bored to me :/ Well, Cedric Diggory was sorted into Hufflepuff so it doesnt seem that bad after all I guess. All the houses are just great!
Now, I gotta love Ravenclaw the most since Im a Ravenclaw :D haha
My sister is a Ravenclaw tooooo :D

Before the sorting part, you get the wand first.
I would prefer phoenix feather core, like Harry's and Voldemort's. It's rare and seems special. Anyway, I am still happy with my wand :D So excited. No time to explore now, finals is in one week :(
I'll be back after finals, Pottermore!
By the way, for those who miss out the registration earlier, registration is open in OCTOBER!
My Pottermore username - FeatherShadow65
I don't get why we dont get to choose our own username :/ but who cares? It's just a name.

♥ Lynn

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