Monday, October 3, 2011


Japanese version! LUCIFER!

Jonghyunnieeee. SHINee janggg!
dadadadada li li laa laa li lo, loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic.... LUCIFER ._. okay, I dunno how to sing Lucifer in japanese -.- hee

and and and!! Omoooo. The Satu Malaysia bike!! I got it! :D I dint ride that day, I only went to support which is the most boring thing ever -.- we got our bike by random drawing so it's fair to people who went there to support too right? :p hehehehe
oh, and did I mention I do not know how to ride a bike? ._. I know, Im so lameeee. Im the only one in my house who dunno how to ride this thing! ishhh. going to learn how to ride after exam.. I think.. ._. haha
Finals! This Friday! oh my. Gonna hit the books soon. #Ravenclaw peace out! ;p

♥ Lynn

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