Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So yeah, a two-day holiday for me to STAY at home -.-
I can go out anytime I want but I need transportation. Im still 16, I cant drive yet, that's the major problem D:
My sister is having exam, and when I asked her "Unnie, can you drive me out?" she was like "No" Okay. So Im stuck here for 2 days! ahhhhhh. Life is so boring, isnt it? :/
Planning to go out with ky or her house or whatever but she is going to visit her grandma :(
Now leaving me all alone here with my sister, which doesnt really make any difference -.-
dramas, tv series, music, books. This is basically what I do these 2 days.
Currently reading The Son of Neptune. hee The second book in The Heroes of Olympus :D Com to think about it, it aint that bad staying at home. Who am I kidding. I wanna go outttttt -____-

GG~ Bring the boys out

♥ Lynn

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