Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards Winners

For those who miss it. watch it on 8tv right now.
Sorry for the spams on twitter and fb ._. teehee
Performance can be viewed here
A few updates later.
Okay, so lets see. 
This year, Hyunseung kissed Hyuna during performance, that's a hot topic lol. A few years ago, when it was still MKMF Top kissed LeeHyori. and yea both of them kissed on the lips. They like kissing huh? ._.

I like it when ShinDong says "We're handsome guy" in english on red carpet. LMAO
and I love it when Lee Byung Hun speaks fluent english :D

Song of the Year, 2NE1 naega jeil jal naga? why? no idea.
Artist of the year, hoping for Super Junior but SNSD not that bad anyway.
Best New Male/Female Artist, Huh Gak and A Pink deserved it
Male group Suju, Female group SNSD. Satisfied!
Male Singer, KimHyunJoong, still speechless. I just gotta say for ppl who dont know him well will love him for his look. Female singer, BaekJiYoung. Yes, I love her songs!
Best Dance Performance – Solo, HyunA. But I want JayPark! JayPark JayPark JayPark :p
Best Dance Performance – Female Group, Miss A. Very unexpected! I thought it's going to be a competition between 2NE1 and SNSD
No comment on Best Vocal Performance.
Best Band Performance, CNBlue – “Intuition” Knew it!
Best Rap Performance, Leessang but why not Tablo or Simon D?
Best O.S.T., Baek Ji Young – “That Woman” (Secret Garden O.S.T.) love this so muchhh.
At least Big Bang takes Best MV for Love Song, but honestly love song MV isnt that great. Tonight is better.

*Dont bash on SM artist just because they are great. SM Town ftw :D

Daesang Award (Grand Prize)
Song of the Year
- 2NE1, “I Am The Best”

Album of the Year
- Super Junior, ‘Mr. Simple’

Artist of the Year
Singer Category
Best New Male Artist Award
Kim Ji Su
Huh Gak

Best New Female Artist Award
A Pink
Brave Girls
Jang Jae In
Han Groo
Dal Shabet

Male Group Award
Big Bang
Super Junior

Female Group Award
Brown Eyed Girls

Male Singer Award
Kim Bum Soo
Kim Tae Woo
Kim Hyun Joong
Sung Si Kyung

Best Female Singer Award (Solo)
Kim Wan Sun
Baek Ji Young
Seo In Young
Genre Category
Best Dance Performance – Solo
Kim Hyun Joong – Breakdown
Jay Park – Abandoned
Jang Woo Hyuk – Time Is (L)over
HyunA – Bubble Pop!
G.NA – Black & White

Best Dance Performance – Male Group
TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down”
B2ST – “Fiction”
Big Bang – “Tonight”
Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”
MBLAQ – “Mona Lisa”
INFINITE – “Be Mine”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group
2NE1 – “I Am The Best”
4minute – “Mirror Mirror”
miss A – “Goodbye Baby”
T-ara – “Roly-Poly”
SECRET – “Shy Boy”
SNSD – “The Boys”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo (Not shown during broadcast)
IU – “Good Day”

Best Vocal Performance – Group
Davichi – “Don’t Say Goodbye”
SISTAR19 – “Ma Boy”
2AM – “You Who Wouldn’t Answer The Phone”
2NE1 – “Lonely”
4men – “Once While Living”

Best Band Performance (Not shown during broadcast)
CNBlue – “Intuition”

Best Rap Performance
Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…”
Tablo – “Bad”
Mighty Mouth – “Tok Tok”
Clover – “La Vida Loca”
Simon D – “Cheerz”

Best O.S.T.
Baek Ji Young – “That Woman” (Secret Garden O.S.T.)
IU – “Someday” (Dream High O.S.T.)
Lim Jae Bum – “Love” (City Hunter O.S.T.)
Taeyeon – “I Love You” (Athena O.S.T.)
Huh Gak – “Don’t Forget Me” (The Greatest Love O.S.T.)
Music Video
Best Music Video (Not shown during broadcast)
Big Bang – “Love Song”
Best Artist (China)
- Jane Zhang
Hottest Asian Artist
- Koda Kumi
Best Asian Artist
- Aziatix
Best Asian Artist (Solo)
- Wei Chen
Singapore’s Choice **Most Popular K-Pop Artist in Singapore**
- Super Junior
▲ Best Style in Music
- Seo In Young
▲ Mnet Specialized Award
- YB

Credits to allkpop
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2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards

*Dont forget to live stream 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards later at 5PM(KST) :DD
Red carpet started at 5PM(KST), main stage at 7PM(KST)
For us, it should be 4PM and 6PM. Im not sure whether it's KST :/ since it's holding in Singapore.
If you going to watch it on 8TV, it's going to be hours later. 
so live streaming is better okay!
Singaporeans are so luckyyyy

In the end, 2NE1 takes over SNSD on voting :( have been trying my best to vote for SNSD :( saddd.
Besides that, Im satisfied with the rest :) heh Just look at SUPER JUNIOR!! :D
Best new male and female artist, they deserved it as expected
Best male artist Kim Hyun Joong -.- Im speechless with that.
Im hoping CN Blue for best band, but it's FT Island. Well, love them both.
Best rap, Simon D! but poor Tablo.
Baek Ji Young for best OST! :D so happy. best of all, it's secret garden ost, That Woman :')

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You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Finally went to watch You Are The Apple Of My Eye with mum and dad last Saturday. haha
Sorry but Im not a big fan of Giddens ._.
To me, he is actually kinda weird.
I know this is suppose to me a real story but there are differences between the movie and book.
At least the main characters are good looking :D

LOL like wth Dong Yu Zhe.

I got to say Sushi King in First Avenue is the worst.
The sushi got worse ._. no kidding

The waffles they sell in Queensbay are my fav but Daily Fresh was gone a few months ago :( Poof
The people working here are slowww and short of skills.
I miss that malay guy who used to work in QB's DailyFresh. sigh

Walk over to Prangin for... I forgot what my parents bought. lol then head back home :)

Random photos
I miss my sister. and she misses Penang food hehe

My mum cracked 2 eggs. Both are double-yolk eggs haha

by the way, I've tried 2 black crackle nail polish and the results arent that nice actually. Money wasted. tsk

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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Bought these that day in queens. It's so sparkly! :D haha and another top coat. Got them from Skin Food.
I was planning to buy the Crackle Nail Polish The Face Shop. I wanted black but it's out of stock -.- only one colour left- grey. ishh

YE left all these. WanYan took some and she brought it to school for me to play with. Touched :) hehe

Hurricane Venus pose ;p

Big Apple Donuts

Above was a scheduled post.
OPI crackle nail polish! It's with my sister now lol she bought this for me :D but I have to wait till January to take it ._.
black was out of stock too. lol

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Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy with my new blog link
Happy with my new white layout
Happy with my new blog header!!! YoonA! :DD
my YoonA unnie ♥
I dint use any app for this.
A few pics of YoonA from my album, and with the help of adobe photoshop :D
edit the tones, colours, crop and resize, resize, resize till every pics fit perfectly.
It's not an easy job but worth it.
I ♥ YoonA :D she's a goddess.
ah, changed my chatbox too because the old one is full of spams & junks -.- the new one is better

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Melon Music Awards

Performance can be viewed here

Was live streaming it on youtube just now heh :D
Sitting in front of the computer all the time. You have no idea how fast I took my bath just now lol dont wanna miss it.
I dont agree with a few awards winner :/ just on my opinion. Best MV shouldnt be T-ara's Roly Poly. I wanted 2PM's hands up to win this, they went all the way to Singapore to film their MV. The behind the scene is awesome, interesting and fun. Better than the 12 minutes MV of Roly Poly which makes me fell asleep ._.
and and why Super Junior or SNSD is not nominated as artist of the year, album of the year or album of the year?  :(

2011 Top 10 Artist
Lena Park
Big Bang
Super Junior

2011 Artist of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1, Leessang, BEAST, Big Bang, IU
Winner: BEAST

2011 Album of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1, Leessang, BEAST, Big Bang, IU
Winner: 2NE1

2011 SK Planet Song of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1 "I Am The Best," BEAST "On Rainy Days," IU "Good Day," GG (G-Dragon, Park Myungsoo) "I Cheated" ft. Park Bom, T-ara "Roly Poly"
Winner: IU "Good Day"

2011 Global Artist Award
Winner: Girls' Generation

2011 Netizen Popularity Award
Nominees: 2PM, Girl's Day, Girls' Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, CNBLUE, f(x),
Winner: Super Junior

2011 Music Style R&B Ballad Song
Nominees: Kim Bumsoo "Last Love," Davichi "Don't Say Goodbye," Baek Jiyoung's "Again, Today I Love You," ZIA "," B.O.M. "Dear Feelings Dear Heart"
Winner: Kim Bumsoo "Last Love"

2011 MBC Music Star Award
Winner: Baek Jiyoung

2011 Best Music Video Award - awarded to the director
Nominees: 2PM ("Hands Up"), miss A ("Goodbye Baby"), Brown Eyed Girls ("Sixth Sense"), Sunny Hill ("Midnight Circus"), T-ara ("Roly Poly")
Winner: T-ara ("Roly Poly") - Cha Euntaek

2011 Must Style Best Rap/Hip-Hop
Nominees: Mighty Mouth "Tok Tok," Verbal Jint "You Look good," GD&TOP "Oh Yeah," Tablo "Airbag," Yoon Mirae "Get It In"
Winner: GD&TOP "Oh Yeah" ft. Park Bom

2011 Music Style Best Rock Award
Nominees: 10cm, CNBLUE, FT ISLAND, YB,
Winner: CNBLUE "Intuition"

2011 Performance & Culture Award
Winner: Lee Seunghwan

2011 Hot Trend Award
Winner: Infinite Challenge

2011 Music Style Best OST Song
Nominees: Sunny Hill "Pit-A-Pat" ("The Greatest Love" OST), IU "Someday" ("Dream High" OST), Jung Yonghwa "You've Fallen For Me" ("Heartstrings" OST), Girls' Generation's Taeyeon "I Love You" ("Athena: Goddess of War" OST)
Winner: Sunny Hill "Pit-A-Pat" ("The Greatest Love" OST)

2011 Best New Artist
Nominees: 5Dolls, Huh Gak, Dal Shabet, Kim Bokyung
Winner: Huh Gak

2011 Composer of the Year
Winner: Jeon Haesung
He has composed hit songs such as ZIA's "The Way I Am," Davichi's "Don't Say Goodbye," Huh Gak's "Don't Forget Me" and many more.

I even printscreen a few scene ._.

Guang Su!!

Yoo Jae Suk! :D haha
Super Junior :D

TOP without GD :(

Even Kim Yuna the figure skater appeared in lots of commercial. I love her :D

SNSD commercial

ps. it started at 7PM (KST), that is 6PM here. so dont try to be lame (just for someone)

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Penang Bridge International Marathon

2011 2011 lol
Went for Fun Run haha


 WanYan alone, waiting for her prince to rescue her ._.

Was so hungry afterthat

Tutti Frutti

PehKhim and Jean

WanYan's so called "Cute Nail Polish" ._.

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