Monday, November 21, 2011

111112 / 111119

Cakes for mum's birthday. Early celebration, sister left for New York before mum's birthday. Will update on that soon or view my sister's blog
Secret recipe's Chocolate Indulgence

Went for Jota Joti campfire night.
Before that I slept a lot in the afternoon lol
That's why I have puffy face and double eyelid on my left eye ._.
dint join this year, because 1 of the days for Jota is between my final exam. I wouldnt want to sacrifice my exam for that.

Honestly, jota joti campfire night is not that great for some performance are kinda boring ._.
For last year, I even fell asleep -.- There were no visitors or whatever, only a few of us from my school.
This year, we were hoping for the best supporter since we have the best attendance. heh Visitors are allowed this year. More people from my school so of course instead of sleeping, I was shouting and cheering :D lol

Proud of Inn Joe :D She can dance okay but it would be better if they change the choreography. Inn Joe is the one in red!
and why on earth would they let us sit at the back and farrrr away from the performance spot. From the start till the end, we were looking at their backs and butts -.-

  WanYan and YeeShuang is hiding their face psshh

Happy birthday umma! 19th of November. 
Sis not here. Dad busy with his work.
Left ME! :D
Went for Old Town with mum and cousin that night.

Dad bought cakes back from Traders!

♥ Lynn

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