Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Melon Music Awards

Performance can be viewed here

Was live streaming it on youtube just now heh :D
Sitting in front of the computer all the time. You have no idea how fast I took my bath just now lol dont wanna miss it.
I dont agree with a few awards winner :/ just on my opinion. Best MV shouldnt be T-ara's Roly Poly. I wanted 2PM's hands up to win this, they went all the way to Singapore to film their MV. The behind the scene is awesome, interesting and fun. Better than the 12 minutes MV of Roly Poly which makes me fell asleep ._.
and and why Super Junior or SNSD is not nominated as artist of the year, album of the year or album of the year?  :(

2011 Top 10 Artist
Lena Park
Big Bang
Super Junior

2011 Artist of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1, Leessang, BEAST, Big Bang, IU
Winner: BEAST

2011 Album of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1, Leessang, BEAST, Big Bang, IU
Winner: 2NE1

2011 SK Planet Song of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1 "I Am The Best," BEAST "On Rainy Days," IU "Good Day," GG (G-Dragon, Park Myungsoo) "I Cheated" ft. Park Bom, T-ara "Roly Poly"
Winner: IU "Good Day"

2011 Global Artist Award
Winner: Girls' Generation

2011 Netizen Popularity Award
Nominees: 2PM, Girl's Day, Girls' Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, CNBLUE, f(x),
Winner: Super Junior

2011 Music Style R&B Ballad Song
Nominees: Kim Bumsoo "Last Love," Davichi "Don't Say Goodbye," Baek Jiyoung's "Again, Today I Love You," ZIA "," B.O.M. "Dear Feelings Dear Heart"
Winner: Kim Bumsoo "Last Love"

2011 MBC Music Star Award
Winner: Baek Jiyoung

2011 Best Music Video Award - awarded to the director
Nominees: 2PM ("Hands Up"), miss A ("Goodbye Baby"), Brown Eyed Girls ("Sixth Sense"), Sunny Hill ("Midnight Circus"), T-ara ("Roly Poly")
Winner: T-ara ("Roly Poly") - Cha Euntaek

2011 Must Style Best Rap/Hip-Hop
Nominees: Mighty Mouth "Tok Tok," Verbal Jint "You Look good," GD&TOP "Oh Yeah," Tablo "Airbag," Yoon Mirae "Get It In"
Winner: GD&TOP "Oh Yeah" ft. Park Bom

2011 Music Style Best Rock Award
Nominees: 10cm, CNBLUE, FT ISLAND, YB,
Winner: CNBLUE "Intuition"

2011 Performance & Culture Award
Winner: Lee Seunghwan

2011 Hot Trend Award
Winner: Infinite Challenge

2011 Music Style Best OST Song
Nominees: Sunny Hill "Pit-A-Pat" ("The Greatest Love" OST), IU "Someday" ("Dream High" OST), Jung Yonghwa "You've Fallen For Me" ("Heartstrings" OST), Girls' Generation's Taeyeon "I Love You" ("Athena: Goddess of War" OST)
Winner: Sunny Hill "Pit-A-Pat" ("The Greatest Love" OST)

2011 Best New Artist
Nominees: 5Dolls, Huh Gak, Dal Shabet, Kim Bokyung
Winner: Huh Gak

2011 Composer of the Year
Winner: Jeon Haesung
He has composed hit songs such as ZIA's "The Way I Am," Davichi's "Don't Say Goodbye," Huh Gak's "Don't Forget Me" and many more.

I even printscreen a few scene ._.

Guang Su!!

Yoo Jae Suk! :D haha
Super Junior :D

TOP without GD :(

Even Kim Yuna the figure skater appeared in lots of commercial. I love her :D

SNSD commercial

ps. it started at 7PM (KST), that is 6PM here. so dont try to be lame (just for someone)

♥ Lynn

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