Monday, November 14, 2011


Gonna update some old stuff

Just to let you people know, I went to watch 2AM Show and I wouldnt recommend for most people to watch unless you are really really big fan of 2AM. It's like a 2AM mini concert. A total of 5 people in the movie theater, can you imagine that lol. But it would be nice to buy a dvd home and watch it with friends who love 2AM, where you can sing along and shout like mad people where no one cares. haha 

Watched In Time. Im gonna say it's awesome. I personally love it. Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried ♥ Time is like everything, kinda creepy though ._. Just think of it, time is life and money. Worst of all, people can just rob your life ._.

 The crowd ._.
 Aaron Yan. Not a fan. He should be happy that I even took a photo of his head :D


More to come. Lazy :p Till the next time.

♥ Lynn

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