Thursday, December 15, 2011

111210 Last Saturday

Breakfast at Gurney Drive, havent been there to eat for years. lol
The Bak Kut Teh is sort of tasteless according to mum and dad, well I dunno about that because I dont eat bak kut teh ._.
I ordered a plate of Singapore bee hoon instead, forgot to take a picture. Not that bad but I dont feel like eating that time so I only ate a little.

headed to Tanmark to buy the 570calculator and some books. I got lots of tanmark vouchers because of this *points below* I still dont get it why I did not get markah tertinggi for Moral, why huh? -.- I just sort of screwed up my first test moral paper, but the other times I did well okay but some girl in perdagangan class just took it. emo. Saya bermoral tinggi okay.

and a hair cut after that. For some people who are mentally retarded or blind that they couldnt actually interpret the difference or maybe you never see me in person or whatsoever. The difference is, it's shorter and layered no more. It's more obvious from the back. I went from layered to one length and to layered again and kept changing when Im bored of my hair. Im always cutting my hair shorter and shorter, easier to be taken care of.
I hate my long fringe, it's so long :( it's all because of our 'awesome' school rules that might be carrying out next year, I have no choice but to keep it long. No hair accessories are allowed so that means no hairbands, no pin which is really stupid. You have to either cut a short straight bangs above ur eyebrow or leave it long until you can tie it up -__-
Im okay with bangs but above my eyebrow? No way -.-

and then mum dropped me off at the driving school for Pra L Teori. 3 hours of talks. They showed you geli photos of accidents like, the head disintegrated from the body or the brain splashes out from the head .__. Omg, I feel like puking.

At night, went to Tesco for dinner and groceries.
KFC for dinner ._. I want cheezy wedges!
gel eyeliner would be so much easier

Explore Tesco hahaha

TOP. I use TOP B) lol

I love sugar crackers hee

♥ Lynn

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