Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Barom Yu

Introducing BAROM YU! Suddenly thought of him and decided to blog abt him.
He's from Sydney! :D and has won in bboy competition. He's not an official artist yet.
He's in an upcoming idol group set to debut under Yedang Entertainment, the one Rania and ChiChi in -.- wasted. anyway, he's the leader! yay

I took notice of him when he appeared in Dream Team with Super Junior back in September, it's September I think lol
Then started to follow him on twitter when he only has a few followers. and he replied to my tweets! :DDD He speaks english too of course, no worries haha. He's nice, he used to reply to everyone but as he gain more and more attention and followers and getting even busier, he seldom replies now.
But it's like OMG, he talked to me! lol Considered as talking to me laa okay.

Cant wait for his official debut. I hope it's a good one, I dont trust Yedang after seeing those girl groups under Yedang ._.
You should watch his videos, interview and his rapping performance with Ali ♥
Bboybyu hwaiting! Proud to be a salt B)

Oh yea, remember to watch this week RUNNING MAN! The best LOL
Ji Hyo supposed to win if Haha's dint use his time control power. This episode totally imba!

♥ Lynn

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