Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Im gonna make it short.
Time Square
haha short enough

Went for movie
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

McD for breakfast


Time Square


At Full House. PehKhim is working there.
I love their uniform, so pretty and cute!

PhooiFun, XinYi
PhooiFun, XinYi, WingKeh

PeyShan and Keh ._.
Keh and PehKhim in her uniform!
Keh and I


I dunno why but PeyShan is proud of the 2 fur balls on her clothes haha

Kids! lol
PEYSHAN nom nom

Yours sincerely
With MinYi



Countdown to Christmas. There isnt any countdown event actually. lol staring at the clock, it's 12 and Merry Christmas ._.

Photo credit YunXuan
Do not take without credit

♥ Lynn

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