Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello, Im probably on my way to KL. This is a scheduled post. Will be scheduling post till I am back :D

So I went for the Pra L Practical. It's 2 hours, but not individual. There were 3 of us, me and the 2 other girls. He taught us about clutch and gear which I dont really understand till now. We took turns to drive .__. Driving a car, this is the first time. I suck at it, the other 2 did well. Im like the worst driver in the history .____. The clutch and gear is so irritating, 'si hui' lots of time. and and I almost bang into every corner -.- the Kancil steering is so tight.
#emooooo. For things I wanted to do, I couldnt stand that I couldnt do well. >:( btw, the guy teaching us has dandruff -.-

Moving to the next point. After I had my thumb printing before going back, I kept my ic in my jeans pocket. Guess what? I forgot to take it out, and so it went into the washing machine together with my jeans -.- which results in a broken ic, not that serious though, just the corner.
Yesterday, went to register for a new ic. Unfortunately, the double eyelid on one of my eyes suddenly became so obvious which makes it a lot bigger than the other one. Awkward. I have weird eyes ._.

I miss my old ic photo, cute 12 years old look ._. Lol actually boyish look. Im a little boyish back then. hehe but Im straight okay, Im into kpop since 11, standard 5, all thanks to Super Junior! :D One thing I regret about it is I dint take notice of them on their first debut back in 2005. At least Im into kpop a lot earlier when people werent, and I was so young teehee I still remember my first blog post is about suju Ki Bum ._. You can check.

btw, I ordered iphone4s. Gonna go get it when Im back from KL hehe

♥ Lynn

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