Saturday, December 17, 2011

SM TOWN “The Warmest Gift” winter album Individual Photos

Here are my personal favourite photos :D For the rest. Go here
Click to enlarge.
Jung Yunho! The one with charms :D He's manly
Henry and SungMin are shooo cute hehe
Cuteness overload!

Prince Siwon and Prince Kyu!

EunHae♥ The best couple. They are real to me haha
Donghae hwat!

JongKey! Jonghyun is love and Key is surprisingly gorgeous :D Omg

Yoona the goddess, she's in white ♥ 
I like Fany's photo, like a dolly even though she's not on my top list ._.

Kryber! ♥ 
I dunno why the photos I like usually are couple lol
Victoria's, Sulli's or Luna's photos I dunno why but it doesnt seem special to me :/

BoA Queen of Kpop. Looks great in every angle hee. love her little dimple.

Lee Soo Man should go for SM Town album photoshoot, he's like the mayor of the town :D

♥ Lynn

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